AXIS Student Ministry– 7th through 12th Grade

1.  A main line of direction, motion, growth, or extension
2.  A central or principal structure, about which something turns or is arranged.

Our goal is for teens’ lives to be impacted, and radically changed by a personal relationship with their Savior, who loves them and wants to meet them as they are.  We also want to connect to each other, building friendships within our group and reaching out the community.

“Youth alternate meeting in host homes and taking part in activities on the road with purpose and fun in mind.  Contact the office for upcoming meetings and events.” 


What Teens Are Saying About AXIS

  • Konnect december 2014“I feel like I’ve really connected with the kids here and especially with God. It’s what I look forward to every week.”
  • “My involvement in youth group has opened my eyes to help me see the Lord and helped me open my heart. I feel closer to the Lord, and I know Him more than ever.”
  • “I love hanging out with my church family and going places together.”
  • “The first time I came to church I got to know a lot of people and made new friends.”