Interested in Bible School-level classes but cannot adjust life circumstances to leave jobs or family situations to attend a college or seminary?

Rev Brick Cliff of World Impact Now (WIN) Ministries has been working diligently for several years to develop a video-based ministerial leadership school that is contemporary and incorporates solid Bible teaching with dynamic leadership classes and specific ministry training.

N2NCU teachers are accomplished, educated leaders from multiple nations who have had their most important courses filmed in the Nation-2-Nation film studios.  They are all devoted to Biblical truth and filled with the Holy Spirit.

1.     Semesters are 12 weeks long, 3 video courses each semester, 2 1/2 hrs meeting each week, with no homework.

2.     Format: three 30-minute videos, brief discussions between each, and a brief quiz

3.     Begins Monday January 29, 2018, at 6:30pm

4.     Cost: $75 per semester (this goes to N2N, not to LWC)

5.     Three 12 week semesters per year, for 2 years (try one and see if you like it)

6.     Private (not state) accreditation and diploma