Our History

Founding Pastor Pete Miller came to LeRoy with his young family in 1984 with a word from the Lord in his heart to begin a charismatic church in the center of the village.  The vision the Lord gave him was that one day there would be a Spirit-filled church of 500 people in this community.  They began a Bible Study in their small apartment, advertised, invited, evangelized and eventually incorporated the church in September of 1986.

Over the years, Living Waters rented space in many places, including other church buildings, a storefront on Mill Street, and even in the Jello Factory (you had to be pretty smart to find us in those days.)  Eventually the church purchased a 3 story mansion on Trigon Park near the school, turning the Steinmetz Funeral Home into a worship center, with Pastor Miller’s family residing on the 3rd Floor.

Our current Lead Pastor, Jack Hempfling began pastoring Living Waters in March of 2001. Two years later the church sold the Trigon Park property, and began meeting in the Leroy Matla Theatre, with the aroma of Dollar Movie popcorn still floating in the air from movies the night before.  In December of 2005, the church finalized the purchase of the property, providing a long term home with room to grow, right in the center of the community.

Over the years, Living Waters church has touched the lives of our community’s youth through summer camp, youth conferences, missions and a dynamic youth ministry. The church has also been very active in missions, supporting and sending missionaries all over the world including Guatemala, New York City, Cuba, England, Thailand, Kenya, Uganda, Japan, China, Mexico and Kazahkstan.


Our Affiliation

Living Waters Church is an affiliated church with Elim Fellowship of Lima, NY.

Elim Fellowship began in 1933 as an informal fellowship of churches, ministers and missionary endeavors, developing from individuals trained at Elim Bible Institute. Being of Pentecostal conviction and Charismatic orientation, Elim Fellowship has grown in its vision as a Christ-centered worldwide revival fellowship serving pastors, churches, missionaries and other Christian ministers. Elim Fellowship provides assistance to missionaries and overseas outreaches, credentials for ministers, counseling for individuals and churches, and a variety of support ministries to local churches.

Elim Fellowship provides encouragement, guidance, advice, leadership training, and other service to affiliated churches and credentialed ministers and missionaries. Elim’s approach is encouragement without control. In the case of a problems within the church, our affiliation allows the church to receive guidance and input from Elim to help resolve the conflict in a manner that will promote health and fruitful ministry.